Mini Xeon-powered PC from HP puts the Mac Mini to the test


HP's Z2 Mini
HP’s Z2 Mini


PC manufacturer HP, has launched a mini personal computer that boasts workstation-class elements, such as an Intel Xeon processor, graphics chipset of NVIDIA Quadro mobile M620 and M.2 SSD tech, the Z2 Mini. By utilizing robust notebook-sized elements, it packed that capability into a 2.3’ high case that HP wrote as ninety percent smaller compared to a standard business-class case. In its top design, the machine is two times as robust as any miniature computer on the market.


The new device is sixty three percent softer in sound compared to the HP’s more expensive mini devices which is due to its cooling system that is customized to fit users’ needs. HP describes the design and build of the octagon shaped mini pc as the most distinct created by HP in its 35-year workstation history. The PC maker targets 3D users, CAD, graphics and design although it could produce adequate gaming rig in some of its configurations.


Specifications of the Z2 Mini are as follows:

  • RAM of 32GB DDR4
  • HP Z Turbo Drive
  • 2 SSD read speeds over 1GB with a 1.5TB capacity – you can get one with a CPU of Intel Core i3, i5, i7
  • You can go higher with Intel Xeon E3-1200v5 which is the standard CPU used in servers and workstations but you have to pay more
  • Another choice is the mobile M620 Quadro GPU 2GB VRAM from NVIDIA – this is approved officially for apps like Autocad and 3DS max. Nevertheless, it does not meet the requirement for virtual reality gaming so it is not certified with the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. If ever, it can only produce mediocre gaming performance at best.
  • Available USB – C type


Cons of the Z2 Mini:

  • No Thunderbolt 3 Port – thus it has limited drive choices for video editing tasks
  • No HDMI Port


This solid pc comes with a starting price of $699 which can give you a Core i3 CPU without chary graphics. Users who are tired of waiting for the new Mac Mini and are looking for a small but solid pc will find the Z2 as the next best option.  The company has said that this will be available to the public in December.