Get Windows 10 or go obsolete.

It’s now Windows 10 or nothing as software giant Microsoft cease retail of its Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8.1 products to PC manufacturers.

Windows 10 home screen
Windows 10 home screen

After giving a two-year extension on its deadline, the software company puts an end to the most widely popular favored operating system.



Sales of OS 7 licenses were stopped by Microsoft to PC manufacturers, signifying a large highlight for the 7-year old operating system.

As stated by the software company’s regulations, sales of Windows 7 Pro or any Windows 8.1 version to Original Equipment Manufacturers were stopped starting October 31.

Windows 8 default start screen
Windows 8 default start screen


The demise of both Windows 7 and 8.1 made room for Windows 10 to be the only option for OEM’s being the pre-installed OS on their products for a long time.

The first deadline for the end sales of Windows 7 Pro was October 31st of 2014, that’s two years following Windows 8 came out but on the same year, Microsoft called for an end to user systems instead, breaking its practice.

This left for the opening of Windows 7 Pro cut-off, with Microsoft giving a one year warning prior to its demand to OEM’s to cease retail of computers with that version.

That warning was issued by Microsoft last year.

Some institutions with software assurance and business licensing arrangements may keep buying new computers then change the pre-installed OS on the machine into the older Windows 7 version if they want to continue utilizing then older version.

OEM’s on the other hand are permitted to utilize whatever licenses they already have making it possible for machines with recent Windows 7 Pro to not disappear quickly.

Take Dell’s digital store, it still has seventeen various notebook devices with preinstalled Windows 7 Pro. Same with the smaller PC retailers like the Auburn, Wash. Custom computer manufacturer Puget Systems. Shops like this can keep building new computers equipped with Windows 7 Pro until their stock is all purchased.

The software company halted sales on Windows 7 even when it was widely favored by almost all users worldwide.

Users have until January 202o to have Windows 7 support and after that, they have to upgrade or use another OS.