And the James Dyson Design Award goes to… The £4 EcoHelmet.


the foldable Eco Helmet
the foldable Eco Helmet


Isis Shiffer designed the foldable bike helmet called the EcoHelmet to be used by the millions who use the public bicycle system worldwide.

The Eco Helmet works in ways similar to that of a conventional helmet made of polystyrene does, with the core structure dispersing any collision the same level around the head. This means the structure will shield the biker from impact heading from any direction, thanks in part to the unique full of cavities arrangement to shield the head from the blow.

Shiffer recounted how fortunate she was to be attending Royal College of Art and the Imperial College of London for one semester and was given entrée to Imperial College’s crash laboratory. She shared how the college had a traditional helmet crash setup that permitted her to collect information on the EcoHelmet’s arrangement’s behavior to conclude that it was feasible and deserves to be explored.

The helmet is ideal for people using city public sharing systems as it can be simply folded flat and placed in a knapsack when not in use. Even though the bike accessory is made from paper, to make it durable even when it rains for up to 3 hours, a biodegradable coating is added to it.

The helmet, which is disposable, is available in vending machines at bike hire locations and will have an indicant to display the time for it to be recycled and exchanged for a new one.

This award is given to designers and engineers alike that can invent a product that can solve a problem and this foldable bicycle accessory solves a no-brainer rider problem in a refined way, according to Dyson.

Shiffer will receive £30,000 as a result of her winning the award, and this will be used to evolve her foldable bicycle accessory commercially and plans to debut the product in New York early next year.